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Post  Nero on Tue Dec 20, 2011 11:43 am


A race is a breed or group of people or sentient which is usually an isolated population differing from other populations in the frequency of some traits.

Races define or suggest the social interaction of a certain character towards another. It also defines the compulsory statistic to be maxed by a character. (Don't worry, each character can also choose another stat to max out, meaning they can max out 2 stats --- one compulsory and one of their own choice. Then all other statistics will have their level cap at Excellent).

Subspecies are variations in races which will determine what you can buy in the shop, your specialty in the case of Spellcasters, or override your compulsory statistic in cases of non-human entities like Vampires and Werewolves. In some Subspecies, your arch-nemesis may also change. But Subspecies can also be only a cosmetic decor, depending on what Subspecies you chose or define in your application. For example, mermaids are not recognized as a major Subspecies and falls under Ancients, so their compulsory statistic remains as Stamina.

In the not-so-normal world of Haven lives different races and subspecies that either get so well with one race or loathe another one to the core.


Description: Celestials are beings that were blessed by the Divine, the Heavenly Creator. It was believed that Celestials originated from the heavens, and they were sent down to the human world to guide and help mortals, and to eradicate evil. Their powers are based on pure (holy) energy.

Though they are generally weaker than most races in terms of physical statistics, they have the advantage over flight and airborne speed.

Celestials are generally weaker during night time or in dark places, but they are at their strongest during day time or in he presence of natural light.

Examples of species under Celestials are Angels, Seraphs, Majestics, etc.

Compulsory Statistic: Energy Source

Arch - nemesis: Demons


Description: Demons are known as beings from the dark side. They were formed when energy clusters into an object or a form and is twisted into a personification of a new being. They were sent by His Evilness to create destruction and havoc.

Demons boast of their innate keen senses. They feed on negative aura and energy. However, they are at their weakest during daytime or in the presence of a natural light, while at their strongest during night time or in the shadows.

One good example of a demon is a succubus. Vampires are now considered to fall under the Demon class.

Compulsory Statistic: Energy Source

Arch - nemesis: Celestials

  • Vampires
    Vampires are composed of non human individuals cursed of agelessness and thirst of blood. They have better physical Strength and sense of hearing than most races and they become far stronger when fully refreshed with blood, but weakens indefinitely during daylight and when extremely thirsty of blood. Gold is also a weakness against vampires. A mere touch can burn a vampire's skin akin to acid. Note to those who encounter these individuals: Garlic DOES NOT work against Vampires.

    Compulsory Statistic: Strength

    Arch - nemesis: Werewolves


Description: Ancients are legendary mythical creatures. People think they were just folklores, but in fact they really exist. They were used to be known for their long - lasting stamina incomparable to other races. However, because of their stubborn refusal to interbreed or cohabit with a non-Ancient blood to save their race, their numbers dwindle. They take high respect and value of being pure blood Ancients.

Usually, they derive their powers and strength from nature. Their abilities are innate in them.

Ancient includes werewolves, mermaids, dragons, elves, etc.

Compulsory Statistic:Stamina

Arch - Nemesis: Hybrids

  • Werewolves
    Werewolves are basically individuals who were forced to hide their true form in the likeliness of a human. Their true form is that of a giant majestic canine animal, mostly having wolf features. They have better Speed and sense of smell than most races and becomes stronger during the night of a full moon. They can transform into a wolf during daylight, but like their counterparts, they become weaker during these days. Just like in legends, silver is one of the most effective weakness of werewolves. A mere touch of silver can burn a werewolf's skin akin to acid.

    Compulsory Statistic: Speed

    Arch - nemesis: Vampires


Definition: Spellcasters are usually pure humans. They used to be ordinary people until they gained knowledge to stretch human mind and tap human capabilities to exceptional levels, making them cast magic and spells.

They have fragile physical attributes, since they still retain human strengths and weaknesses. Intelligence is the compulsory statistic for all of the subspecies in this group

Spellcasters include summoners, alchemists, mages, etc.

Compulsory Statistic: Intelligence

Arch - Nemesis: Metahumans

  • Mages
    Mages are extremely intelligent humans who have acquired the ability to control and bend elements to their will through learning different spells and casts that could bring forth various effects in the basic foundations of the surroundings. They generally have superior Intelligence than most races, and due to being humans, they don't particularly have a specific weakness against conditions or certain objects. However, likewise, because of that fact, they retain humans' weaknesses. They don't have automatic regenerative healing,, and are physically flimsy and weak. Their personal affiliation as a mage can also contribute to their strengths and weaknesses.

  • Summoners
    Summoners are originally a branch of mages. They are composed of humans who were as intelligent as mages, but have acquired knowledge of a forbidden spell to initiate a summon. As a consequence, they lost their powers as a mage, but have gained control over their personal summons. Summoners can call upon various things, ranging from basic inanimate objects like a stool or a sword, to mighty legendary creatures such a sDragons and certain race species like that of Vampires or Angels. These summons can be loyal to them.

  • Alchemists
    Alchemists are originally another branch of mages who have focused on the established norm of principle of equivalent exchange. They have abandoned their knowledge of elemental bending and focused on various transmutation techniques and skills. And over the years, they have grown to become another race of their own and their knowledge passed down through generations. Like mages, they have retained human's strengths, weaknesses and neutrality. A good alchemist is someone who can create something marvelous from pieces of scraps, thus, an alchemist's strength depends mostly on his or her intelligence


Description: Metahumans, just as the name says, are humans who have acquired extraordinary abilities but didn't belong to the Spellcasters race. Most metahumans boasts of their exceptional strength. They have always loathed the Spellcasters race, perhaps due to the natural phenomenon of science vs magic.

Common examples would be cyborgs, androids, or humans that have been modified in laboratories.

Compulsory Statistic: Strength

Arch - Nemesis: Spellcasters


Hybrids are half - bloods. Most likely they are a result of an inter-racial union or a genetic mistake. They can also be some inferior races other than the major ones in Haven. Hybrids are non-human individuals who have either no specific race of their own, or have their races not as popular to humans are the general magic groups stated above.

Hybrids mostly have the upper hand in terms of their uniqueness, as their weaknesses widely vary and are usually unknown to other races.

Note: Major races can now be mixed, on the premise that the character should choose his dominant race. The dominant race shall determine the compulsory statistic, character trait and ability rules.

Compulsory Statistic: Depends on dominant race.

Arch - nemesis: Ancients

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